Alex Chinh Nguyen "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring"

February 22, 2015

Deli Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, Apartment Series, presenting three consecutive one-person shows by artists Michael Bussell, Alexandria Tarver and Alex Chinh Nguyen.

The third and final installment, Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall… and Spring, features works by Alex Chinh Nguyen. Shown for the first time here, the exhibition consists of sixteen objects that create an immersive environment Nguyen compares to listening to a love song on repeat. 

Nguyen arranges scavenged debris and found images into melodramatic narratives told by an unreliable narrator. Comprised of discarded materials, the assemblages are retrofitted and made anew through a process of resurfacing, excavation, and concealment. Adopting an unfinished aesthetic, the artist confronts the viewer with the concept of the incomplete. “Our love for inanimate things and ideas is infinite,” Nguyen says, “and these arrangements are my love letters.”

Also on view for the first time is Museum Island, a digital video installed specifically for Deli Gallery on the occasion of the exhibition