Dana Lok and Leah Moskowitz
"Listening at the See-through Door"

October 13 through November 12, 2017


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Leah’s Questions for Dana
Are the texts embedded in these paintings instructions for viewing the paintings?

Are they directives for living life? What time of day is it?

Is that a trapeze for a bird you’ve hung from the ceiling?

Do these images have a life when no one is looking?

Do they talk to each other?

Are they magnetic?

What is the consequence of their polarization? Do the walls hold them?

Do they hold each other?

Does the light passing through the screen refract into heat?

Dana’s Questions for Leah

How many crickets are in that can?

Is that picture backwards?

Who left the screen door open?

What casts a shadow shaped like this?

Why are there so many black flies here?

How long do I wait at the door before someone answers?

Who would be out at this time of night?

Am I welcome here?

How does this clock keep time?

Does this clock chime at night?

Where is the train coming from, and where is it going?

Are there flowers in the field? Are there stars out?


Dana Lok was born in Pennsylvania and lives and works in New York. Lok received an MFA from
Columbia University, a BFA from Carnegie Mellon, and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and
Sculpture. The artist recently had two solo exhibitions: Soft Fact, Clima, Milan (2017), and The Set of all
Sets, Chewday's, London (2016). Lok’s work was recently included in group exhibitions at Bianca
D’Alessandro, Copenhagen, Agency, Brooklyn, and Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York. The artist’s work
has been featured in Frieze magazine, Cura, and New American Paintings.

Leah Moskowitz was born in Pennsylvania and lives and works in New York. Moskowitz received an MFA
from Columbia University and a BA in Photography from Bard College. The artist recently had a solo
exhibition at Rond-Point Projects in Marseille, France (2017), and has exhibited at the Jewish Museum,
Black and White Project Space, E.TAY Gallery, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, the Fisher Landau Center, and
the Wallach Art Gallery, all in New York.