Haley Josephs "Civil Twilight"

June 4 through June 24, 2016

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Deli Gallery is pleased to announce Civil Twilight by Haley Josephs. The one-person exhibition will be the artist’s first with the gallery and first in New York.

The exhibition contains five paintings made in the artist’s studio in Hudson, NY. All made within the past year, the work depicts women in various poses surrounded by a surreal landscape bathed in natural light. The exhibition’s title refers to the time of day, in the morning and the evening, when the sun's rays are visible in our atmosphere before it rises or sets beyond the horizon. Twilight is neither day nor night, but the transition between the two.

Josephs uses classical portraiture to source the poses for the women depicted, which often are used as stand-ins for herself. While keeping the figure’s expressions to be mostly deadpan, Josephs employs the surrounding psychologically-charged environment as representations or expressions of their emotional state. This can also be seen in the titles of the works which have been carefully selected and inform the paintings.