John Edmonds "Lovers & Friends"

September 16 through October 9, 2016

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Lovers & Friends
is an exhibition of new work by John Edmonds that brings together the artist’s photographs, writings and musings about relationships, loss & desire. The show acts as a collage about the internal life, the external experience and the artist/model dynamicthe oscillating between model as both subject and object. The titleLovers & Friends—asks the viewer to consider the artist’s understanding of portraiture and portrayals of otherslikenesses, relating and the inevitable mirroring of self.

“Intimacy is a recurring theme in all of my work. But the idea of intimacy, the notion of getting close whether in public or private, also signifies a certain type of emotional condition of feeling afar, aloof. Of course technology is a part of this, how we experience life in the home is a part of it, how we experience love in private is a part of it. I think that it is impossible, especially today, to talk about intimacy and relationships without also acknowledging that in order to get close to anyone or anything; you have to get closer to yourself. Truths have to be revealed and the truth is not simple. It sounds cliché, but I do think that what I am talking about, what I am after, is very universal. Intimacy is not only about a physical closeness or looking outward, but also looking inward. I guess that’s what I want in the end in all my work...for people to look closely and by doing so have a real emotional experience with the investigate trust.”