Thomas Albdorf "General View"

February 10 through March 5, 2017


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Deli Gallery is pleased to announce its next one person exhibition General View with works by Thomas Albdorf. Containing over fifteen new works and site-specific prints, many of which have never before been seen, the exhibition will be the artist’s second with Deli Gallery.

Thomas Albdorf’s main interest focuses on photography and sculpture – in particular, the intersection area between both practices and their shifting perceptions. He conceives photography not as a single act of releasing the shutter, but as a chain of decisions that ranges from the object’s or subject’s staging to post-processing and a potentially final print. Thereby the analogue negative doesn’t officiate as an enclosed photograph rather than a space of possibilities and probabilities, primarily enabled via digital post production. These alterations leave their visible mark in the final work, revealing their source as well as bringing their conditions of production up for discussion. 

Inspired by photographs of Yosemite National Park – one of the most intensely mediated nature sites on earth – General View toys with the question regarding the necessity of traveling to a place that has been photographed innumerable times, the need to record additional photographs. Through the exhibition, Albdorf poses the question: if countless images of a specific place are readily available, has one been there already?

The series concentrates on the reenactment of glitches and blurs on Google Street View, appropriating the malfunctions and reenacting them via pre- and post-photographic processes. In doing so, Albdorf tests their sculpture qualities in addition to their ability to become an autonomous entity.

Thomas Albdorf was born in Linz, Upper Austria in 1982. After working for several years as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, he studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, where he graduated in 2013. His work has been exhibited throughout galleries in Austria, Germany, Sweden, UK, and the United States, and he has been featured in magazines and blogs such as FOAM Magazine, British Journal of Photography, It’s Nice That, Phaidon UK, Computer Arts Magazine and many more. He currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.